Requests to Opt-In for Text Messaging from MediCat are Real

A large number of users have received emails from Berry College Health Services requesting that they opt-in to receive text messages in order to receive timely updates on our COVID19 response.

These emails are real. The sender is, which is why the external email banner was applied to the email. Users who want to receive SMS text messages from the Berry College Health Services office can either click the link in the email, or if you are hesitant to click on the link, you can also simply log into, click on the “Health Center Patient Portal”, then follow the instructions in the email, which were:

    • Click on your name at the top right of the screen
    • Select “EDIT PROFILE”
    • Ensure that there is a cell phone number associated with your account and it is accurate
    • Check the box to receive  SMS text messaging
    • Click “SAVE”

If you have any questions about this or other suspicious emails, please contact Information Security by emailing, or calling the office during normal working hours at 706-236-1750, or extension 1750.


Featured Image: Photo by Mia Baker on Unsplash

Course Evaluation Emails Are Real

It’s that time of year. A chance for students to evaluate the courses they have taken this semester. A chance to give some constructive feedback (or vent).

Students if you received an email requesting you evaluate your courses, this is real. Professors do care about your feedback, as do the schools and departments. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey. It will adjust to whatever device you are using.

Faculty, you should have received an email notice that course evaluations were open and how you can check your response rate and encourage your students to complete the evaluation.

These emails do have the external email banner on them, but it is because we use an external service to send the emails.

If you have any questions about the validity of a given email, please contact Information Security at x1750 (706-236-1750) or email

Emails from asking you to register are legitimate

As explained in an October 1st email from Wayne Phipps, Director of Human Resources for the college, you will receive an email asking you to register on the new annual performance review site. This is a valid email and you must register in the system to complete your annual performance review. For more details, please reference the aforementioned email. If you did not receive or cannot find the October 1st email, please contact either Wayne Phipps or Cindy Marchant.

Validating Zoom videoconferencing invitations

Berry College is rolling out a limited deployment of Zoom videoconferencing. New users will receive an email that, unfortunately, is very similar to recent phishing emails we have received. You can verify the Zoom invitation as valid if it has all of the following characteristics:

  1. The email will address you directly – It will say “Hello <your email address>. See the first red-circled in the picture below
  2. The web address will have this exact domain in it: “”. See the second red-circled area in the picture below. There are a lot more characters after the domain, but there must be a slash after the “.us”. If there is not a slash after the “.us”, please forward the email to for verification.
  3. Last, if you hover (don’t click yet) on the “Activate Your Zoom Account” button, the web address shown must match the one printed out below it. It is not case-sensitive.

If you are still unsure, please forward the email to or call Information Security at extension 1750 (706-236-1750) for help.

Request to complete the NSSE survey is valid

A group of students received an email with the subject “Can you please help Berry College?”. This email is from Institutional Research and is an attempt to solicit feedback from students on their engagement here at Berry. This is a legitimate survey and provides valuable information to the Institutional Research department about how students feel about their Berry experience.

Provost Boyd previously sent an email explaining the purpose of the survey.

Completing the survey will enter you into a drawing to win a prize, and the deadline is March 22nd, so if you are interested, please fill out the survey as soon as possible.

Notice to faculty and staff to complete training from Haven is legitimate

Emails sent from the college’s Title IX training service about completing “Part 2 of Haven for Faculty & Staff” is a legitimate email. Title IX training is required for faculty and staff and the first part of this training was supposed to be completed by October 31st.

This email will be sent from “EverFi <>” and the exact subject line will read “Notice: Part 2 for Haven for Faculty & Staff is Ready”.

Please complete this training as soon as possible. Deficiencies in Title IX compliance can lead to severe penalties for the college. Lindsey Taylor and the entire Dean of Students office will be grateful.

College Central Network Account Activation from the Berry College Career Center is legitimate

The Berry Career Center provides access to the College Central Network to students to facilitate the hunt for part time and full time jobs and internships. If you have received an invitation to activate your account, please hover over the “secure link” and verify that it is pointing to “https://www.collegecentral,com”. If so, you can safely follow the secure link to activate your account. If you have questions about the College Central Network service, please contact the Career Center at or via phone at 706-236-2292. If you receive an email that has an incorrect link (it doesn’t point to “https://www.collegecentral,com”) please contact Information Security at or, if using Outlook or, report the email as phishing by clicking on the “Report Email as Phishing” button.